• Matteo De Vos

FFS 049 - Where I stand on food today

To mark 50 episodes on the podcast, I share my own evolving thoughts on food. I reflect on the state of agriculture and on what sustainability might mean in the food movement today.

My experience over the last half decade following the food movement has been that debates are too often reduced to soundbites on social media. Complex arguments are reduced to 280 characters on Twitter, angry posts on Facebook, and rants on YouTube. We're talking past each other. That's unhelpful.

By sharing my thoughts, I hope to encourage more honest, open and nuanced discussions with whoever is listening.

In this episode, I briefly discuss:

  • The failed promises of industrial agriculture

  • The winners and losers of our food system

  • Food sustainability through different lenses

  • Agriculture and humanity's relationship to nature

  • The future of farming through Charles C. Mann's Prophets and Wizards

  • The land sharing land sparing debate

  • Funding: where does all the money flow?

  • Agroecology and its critics

  • The dilemmas of cell-based and plant-based meat

References (in chronological order):

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