• Matteo De Vos

FFS 045 - The Future of Protein

What is the future of protein, and of animal agriculture? Can we raise animals sustainably or should we move beyond meat?

To feed a growing world population, we need protein. For many, protein means meat. As our reliance on animal products grows, so does its destructive impact on the natural world. Mass deforestation, biodiversity loss, and significant greenhouse gas emissions of livestock put our dietary habits into the spotlight.

In this panel discussion, I am joined by Nathalie Rolland (ProVeg & Agriculture Cellulaire France), Andrew deCoriolis (Farm Forward) and Patrick Holden (Sustainable Food Trust).

We discuss:

  • The current COVID-19 context and its impacts on food systems

  • How sustainable are plant-based alternatives to meat?

  • What is “Better meat” and where can we find it?

  • Cellular agriculture: meat without slaughter?

  • What could the future of food look like in 2050?

This episode is a recording of the 28 July webinar “Protein in the 21st Century”, organised by The SASI Co., a global sustainability agency.


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