• Matteo De Vos

FFS 038 - The Fuel Empowering Kenyan Farmers

The global fertilizer market is a $200 billion industry. But who does it serve?

Produced in large-scale, centralised facilities in developed countries, conventional fertilisers are neither cheap nor reliably accessible for rural smallholder farmers in emerging markets in Africa and India.

Safi Organics in Kenya has a vision to decentralise and downsize fertiliser production. Using recycled waste from local farms, carbon-negative organic biochar fertilisers empower farmers by making their farms more resilient with lower costs, higher yields, and better soils.

We talk to co-founder Samuel Rigu about:

  • His childhood memories of growing up on a farm in Kenya

  • The conventional model of fertiliser production and use

  • The crippling costs and logistical challenges of fertiliser use in Kenya

  • Decentralising fertiliser use

  • Carbon-negative, organic biochar fertiliser

  • The role of fertiliser in facing the reality of climate change

  • A vision of empowering smallholder farmers for lasting food security


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