• Matteo De Vos

FFS 036 - Chicken Nugget Capitalism

The end of Capitalism is nigh. Or we should certainly hope so.

Raj Patel makes a convincing case for the urgent need to think beyond capitalism if we are to move towards a carbon zero economy.

“Let us recognise that the system itself is dooming us and that we need to think outside it rather than within it” – Raj Patel.

If this sounds revolutionary, that’s precisely the point.

Raj and I discuss:

  • Why we shouldn’t call this era the “Anthropocene”

  • What Capitalism actually is

  • The frontiers of Capitalism and the search for the next best “cheap thing”

  • The Chicken McNugget: the symbol of modern capitalism

  • The Market Approach: Carbon pricing, Natural Capital, and voting with your fork

  • Thinking beyond Capitalism: a Theory of Change to get us to a carbon zero economy


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