• Matteo De Vos

FFS 017 - When Farming Goes Vertical

As cities and populations grow, and the space to feed them shrinks, one proposed solution is to farm upwards rather than outwards, indoors instead of outdoors, in urban spaces as opposed to rural ones. Vertical farming is no longer science fiction; investors are pouring in to support promising companies offering innovative solutions.

Cover photo by INFARM Indoor Urban Farming GMBH

In this episode, I talk to Claire Gusko, growth manager at INFARM - a Berlin-based indoor urban farming company - about their approach to vertical farming and the role that indoor vertical farms can play in helping to build the cities of tomorrow.

We discuss:

  • What indoor farming and vertical farming is

  • Why the industry is seeing investment soar

  • What is unique about INFARM, their value proposition and vision

  • How consumer concerns about price, energy efficiency, and ‘unnatural’ farming are being addressed

  • Why local farmers and vertical urban farming can and must co-exist