• Matteo De Vos

FFS 012 - Cultured Meat: Looking Beyond the Hype with New Harvest

There is a lot of hype surrounding cultured meat (or 'Lab-grown' meat) today. I talk with Erin Kim, Communications Director at New Harvest, about the future prospects of cultured meat and to separate facts from fiction.

New Harvest is a non-profit research institute in the United States that funds and conducts open, public, collaborative research in the field of cellular agriculture. They're all about reinventing the way we make animal products - without animals.

Erin started out at as a volunteer at New Harvest in 2014, whilst she was pursuing a law degree at the University of Alberta, specialising in environmental law.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The definitions and terminology of cultured meat and cellular agriculture

  • The origins, milestones and long road ahead for cultured meat

  • The benefits of cultured meat and it’s amazing potential

  • Managing expectations on cultured meat: The enormous media hype vs. the facts on the ground

  • The problems of scaling, funding, and framing the debate around cultured meat

  • What we can do to support the cultured meat movement