• Matteo De Vos

FFS 010 - Combatting Food Waste with Merit 360

This week, I discuss my thoughts on tackling food waste together with Merit 360.

Merit 360 is a year-long World merit program bringing 360 young individuals together to develop a set of action plans to help tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

I discuss SDG 12 : responsible consumption and production. More specifically, how do we tackle crippling global food waste and food losses and how can we incentivise lasting sustainable consumption habits?

The episode also touches upon :

  • The current famine crisis in East Africa affecting up to 20 million people

  • My visit to Mozambique and the local solutions I found addressing local food problems

  • My ideas of how we can move forward to address some of these issues

This episode is part of For Food’s Sake’s Learn By Doing project in which we practice what we preach in sustainability by taking action on concrete issues.



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