• Matteo De Vos

FFS 003 - The #OurField Cereal Co-op Movement

Forty people on a one-year journey of co-farming a field of heritage grains with a British farmer called John.

Future Farm Lab’s latest collaboration in creating #OurField has got everyone excited. #OurField is about reconnecting with farmers, living the farmers journey, and sharing his or her risks. By co-investing in a farm, you help call the shots on what is grown and how it’s grown, bearing the farmer’s risks and possibly reaping the rewards.

In this episode, I discuss the project with Phoebe Tickell, a scientist and social entrepreneur from Future Farm Lab. Phoebe is passionate about creating opportunities of transformation for people, society and planet. She is especially motivated to create lasting change in our food and education system, and has co-founded and catalysed projects in reimagining and democratising education, science communication, and hacking the food system to connect farmers directly to people, retailers and technology through Future Farm Lab. Phoebe, a scientist by training, remains fascinated by technology and how best we can get technology and science to best serve humanity. She is launching her very own podcast and network around this topic at Tech For Humanity.

Some of the topics we discuss in this episode:

  • What heritage grains are and why we need them

  • The origins and inspiration for #OurField

  • The often misunderstood realities of modern-day farming

  • The dilemmas and challenges of ‘going organic’ for farmers

  • A step-by-step, in-depth walk-through of the #OurField journey

As part of my new project – Learn by Doing – I have personally invested in the #OurField initiative. I’ll be one of the lucky 40 investors on a one-year journey of co-farming a field of heritage grains with John the farmer. Join me in the coming months as I document, blog and release mini-podcasts on my journey with #OurField.