FFS 025 - Breaking Bread with Paleo

This week, we talk with Natalie Pukasemvarangkoon about the Paleo diet.

Natalie has experimented with pretty much every diet in the book. She’s been a carnivore, a pescatarian, a vegetarian, and a vegan for a solid 3 years. She’s tried the 80/10/10 diet, raw till four, the HCLF diet, and yes, the Paleo diet.

Natalie is the founder of the Paleo Collective - an umbrella for the Paleo lifestyle: providing Paleo-friendly caterings, personal chef services, they host pop-up dinners and provide corporate talks and demos to educate people on the diet and lifestyle. They also run a blog with recipes and health tips related to the Paleo diet.

In this episode, we discuss what the Paleo diet is, and why its Natalie’s diet of choice. We explore:

  • How to pronounce Paleo – the little things matter!
  • How to eat Paleo: why eating grains and beans are a big no-no, why gluten is sin, and how choosing quality meat is essential
  • What the gut microbiome is, how gluten can affect the gut, and how it influences our health and mood
  • The common cause: why the rift between vegans and paleo obscures important values these diets or lifestyles have in common


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