FFS 020 - Optimising the Food Economy with Blockchain

Like the combustion engine, the telephone, and the Internet before it, Blockchain has the potential to transform how human society functions. What would such a transformation look like in the food industry?

In this episode, we talk with Blockchain theorist Melanie Swan about what is possible. We explore:

What 'Blockchain' is

How Blockchain is transforming Big Food businesses

  • Redefining operational efficiency and the transparency of supply chains

How Blockchain can empower consumers

  • Farm-to-fork transparency: instant verification of where your food comes from
  • Holding Big Food accountable through real-time financial interest tracking of the businesses supplying your food
  • Ensuring end-user data ownership

How Blockchain optimises the sharing economy

  • Community coins: local currencies enabling a peer-based local economy for sharing resources
  • ‘The Uber for microgreens’: real-time on-demand peer sharing of overproduced local products with your neighbours

How Blockchain can help in the fight against world hunger, malnutrition, and food waste


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