FFS 008 - Edible Insects: the diet of tomorrow?

This week, we discuss the exciting world of edible insects with Robert Nathan Allen from Little Herds.

Little Herds is an educational non-profit based in Austin, Texas teaching and spreading awareness about edible insects as a resource efficient, economically viable, nutritious and delicious food for us to eat, and as feed for the animal products that we consume.

We discuss the enormous potential of edible insects; how incorporating them into Western diets and food systems could help us meet the current and future nutritional and environmental demands and needs of a growing world population.

In this episode, you’ll hear all about:

  • what edible insects are
  • RNA’s love story with bugs
  • The historical and cultural significance of edible insects across societies and cultures
  • Western taboos towards insects and how we can overcome them
  • first impressions and how they taste as I try them live on air!
  • the nutritional benefits of edible insects compared to other livestock
  • the resource efficiency of edible insects (feed conversion ratio, land and water use)
  • the ethical argument for eating insects
  • insects as feed for our livestock
  • criticisms and concerns about edible insects
  • RNA’s tips, tricks and suggestions about edible insects


Matteo De Vos

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