For Food's Sake is about having down-to-earth dialogues about the food on your plate, and its impact on people and planet.

We believe that as consumers, we have an obligation to inform ourselves about our food system, to fight for food justice, those who produce our food food, the future of food, our diets, and to realise our impact, role, and responsibility in shaping the world of food around us.

For Food's Sake reaches out to the people that work with these issues; the people ‘in the field’. We strive for genuine, grounded, easy-to-follow conversations that ordinary people can relate to. We want these matter-of-fact conversations to empower people to be agents of change.

We're about taking concrete steps compatible with our busy lives, doing the little things that add up to the big things, doing what is realistic yet still disruptive. It’s about incremental, but tangible and measurable, change.

For Food's Sake has no fixed agenda. It’s as much a platform for learning as it is a cause. But make no mistake, we do have standpoints and a position on many issues. We try and portray a sense of urgency in our work. The need for change runs like a thread through all our projects.

But where we are perhaps different, perhaps unique, is that we remain vehemently committed to being open to reason and arguments that can shift our thinking. We believe that such an approach can only help us grow, reach out and appeal to a wider audience, and together as a growing community head towards a convincing unstoppable path of change.