The Podcast

In an era of fake news, clickbait, and sensationalist storytelling, exploring nuance in debate is more important than ever. 

As in politics, the grey areas in food and agriculture debates are being silenced by the noise of the extremes. Nuance simply isn't sexy enough. It's not newsworthy. It offers no silver bullet solution. 
At For Food's Sake, we are dedicated to bringing nuance back. Nothing is more sexy to us than sustainable solutions that are digestible and make sense for people and planet.



Founder and host 


Dedicated to bringing nuance back into debate, Matteo is passionate about engaging people through storytelling and to shift their perceptions of what it means to produce our food in ways that respect both people and the planet.

He is currently working on The Original Foodies - a documentary series of farmers obsessed about growing good food, determined to beat the odds by changing our broken food system